The Biggest Security Threats Coming in 2018?

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Can you predict the the biggest security threats coming in 2018? Are we as security professionals prepared for challenges that will come? What we can do in advance to mitigate risk? Many questions…

There will be prize (symbolic) by end of next year for the best prediction.



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13 Responses

  1. Nostradamus

    Let me try:
    1. Ransomware attacks skyrocketing
    2. IoT based threats and attacks
    3. DDoS attacks
    4. Mobile malware
    5. Cloud threats and attacks growth

  2. Bitcoin

    Attacks on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cryptowallets and ICOs will grow significantly. It is fairly new.

  3. CrystalBall

    My prediction:
    1. Expansion of cloud services will introduce new exploits and expose many attack vectors for malicious users.
    2. Ransomware continues to grow.
    3. Government organized cyber attacks.
    4. Keeping more and more sensitive data (personal and business) on mobile devices and smartphones will lead to growth of cyber attacks targeting these devices.

    I also agree that there will be more attacks related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies with rapid adoption of these technologies.

  4. John

    • Phishing and other ways of stealing credentials.
    • Insider attacks
    • APTs
    • Rogue firmware
    • Attacks on driver-less cars

  5. N

    Intentional misuse of AI. Certain legal issues are not resolved at the moment, thus leaving sufficient space for (non)-government players to abuse that.

  6. Vlada

    IoT and wearable devices, but this is not new. Botnets from those kind of device will be used for all kind of attacks.

    Decryption – I guesst that lot of companies will start to use decryption and users will be used on “man in the middle” so much that this will be abused by cyber criminals that will find a way to get in the middle end decrypt traffic – and get sensitive information in the end. This would be very problematic because of all kind of cloud services that we use everyday.

    Attack on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

  7. Gerhard

    Due to complex geopolitical situation and tensions, government sponsored attacks and mutual blaming will grow. We can expect more fake news, messing with elections and similar, data leaks and consequences related to it.

  8. Ivan Markovic

    With GDPR, Ransomware will rise. And the next target, after personal computers and small business servers will be Cloud providers. So prediction is that will be more and more ransomware attacks on cloud services providers.

  9. html

    Flaws in blockchains,flaws in servers and services ,flaws in hardware ,crypto mining botnet ,arbitary code ,cryptolocker ransomware on android … More tools from NSA ,CIA.
    Smart viruses , Wifi flaws … And many other .

  10. Sv. Pera prorocki

    Somebody will hack a power utility and we will have fist intended blackout.

  11. Atza

    Hijacking of home IoT devices, not to be used as BOT’s but as marketing intelligence tools (for selling consumer behaviour data on “black market”) or classical SIGINT (used by own government for “anti-terrorist” activities or by foreign one as a tool for Info-warfare)

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